Expert Witness Report

What is a Building Expert Report?

An expert report is a written report from an expert that a party uses as evidence in a VCAT case. The Building Expert must adhere to the published codes of practice of the court or tribunal where the case is being heard. The codes require that the Expert’s paramount duty is to inform the court or tribunal with a technically astute and unbiased account of the issues at hand and to remain independent.

An expert is not an advocate for the client but is an independent analyst of the technical issues.

Site Inspections Pty Ltd has highly qualified consultants who specialize in providing balanced and reliable advice and can act as independent expert witnesses in court or tribunal hearings. Services include:

  • Expert Witness reports for VCAT, Supreme Court, County Court and the Magistrates Court
  • Reports for submission for the Victorian Building Authority’s Building Appeals Board (BAB)
  • Building Notice Response Assistance
  • Reports which depict the condition of a property at a point in time.
Expert Report
A typical cover page of a building expert report


If you have a building dispute that is impending and has not been resolved between you and your Builder or Contractor, or you need an independent expert to assist with mediation or to be present in a court hearing.

Site Inspections has the experience knowledge to get you through the process.

Expert Witness Report – Stage 1

Our Senior Building Consultant attends the property to conduct the investigation. This is where we record our observations, take photographic evidence, and we may conduct testing and sampling. Our inspectors take as much time as required to ensure we have captured all the facts and obtained a substantial amount of evidence to assist with the report.


Expert Witness Report – Stage 2

Once all the facts and evidence has been gathered, we take the time to compile the report. The report format has been constructed to comply with VIC Courts and Tribunals. Reports take 1-2 weeks to put together, recording as many details as possible and ensuring complete accuracy so that you can put your best case forward. A draft report will be submitted for review, and after we revise the report, we will take the time to go through the report over the phone, to ensure you completely understand all the facts, findings and recommendations.

Our reports are comprehensive and can exceed over 50 pages. Our reports refer to all the relevant Australian Standards, National Construction Code and Relevant Acts and Regulations.

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