Expert Witness Report

If you need assistance with a housing dispute, our trusted building inspectors in Melbourne can provide expert witness reports that are independent of any third party.

Do you need an expert witness report in Melbourne?

If you own, rent or lease a property and are involved in a dispute about its structural integrity or anything else, you may need professionals to provide you with an expert witness report. Site Inspections provides highly detailed PDF reports that are used as evidence in legal cases in VCAT or court.

Expert witness reports can also be called condition reports (detailed) or defect reports. We have the expertise to assist you and your legal team – whatever the dispute may be. Our team can also attend court, mediation or a hearing to provide further evidence or explanation of items raised in a report if required. 

What’s included in our reports?

Our PDF expert witness reports are delivered following a thorough independent property inspection of the site. We will describe each item in detail, reference the contract or statutory documents, identify who is responsible for the breach and why. We also provide recommendations and costs involved to rectify the breach.

There will be details of any tests or examinations undertaken to form our feedback of the site, and photographs of the defects where possible.

How long will it take?

A detailed house inspection report is typically completed within 3 days of the site inspection. However, we may be able to accelerate the process in urgent cases; please get in touch to find out more.

Why Choose Site Inspections?

Our extensive experience combined with our commitment to attention-to-detail and top-notch service makes us a leading choice to inspect real estate in Melbourne. Every client can count on a thorough inspection and a fast, informative report that’s independent of any third parties.