Handover Inspection

Before you take possession of a newly constructed property, get the peace-of-mind that you’re getting what you paid for with a handover inspection in Melbourne.

What is a handover inspection?

A handover inspection is a service that we at Site Inspection provide to home buyers across Melbourne. It’s an inspection that we conduct to ensure that a home has been completed to the agreed-upon standards, and that it meets industry expectations.

We carry out new home inspections in Melbourne before the handover of a property. It’s generally the final stage in the construction of a home or unit and provides you with an independent review of the condition of the property – so there’s no need to rely on the builder for the final quality check.

When do you need a handover inspection?

A handover inspection needs to be conducted before you take ownership of a property. Though we’re only able to carry out inspections once the build of the property is complete. Get in touch with us when you’re satisfied that the builder and all other tradesmen have completely finished their work, before ordering a handover inspection report from Site Inspections.

What do our handover reports cover?

Handover reports are designed to ensure that you’re protected from incomplete or unsatisfactory work. With the support of our services, you’ll have the assurance that every detail has been checked off, and any claims you have are substantiated by our expert inspection services.

The experienced pre-handover inspection professionals at Site Inspections will assess and report in detail the following aspects of the property:

  • Minor and major defects in quality
  • Imperfections in the build
  • Poor or unskilled workmanship
  • A report on internal and external areas 
  • Areas of incomplete work
  • Defects that may cause problems in future
  • An evaluation of whether the property is complete and ready for the new buyer to move in

Why Choose Site Inspections?

Site Inspections provide an unparalleled service when it comes to protecting your home. Along with the provision of our expert witness reports, we have the expertise to assist you and your legal team – whatever the dispute may be.

Our team can be made available to attend court, mediation or a hearing to provide our expertise in the event that any explanation is required. This includes detailing discussions as to our recommended path forward in rectifying any damage done to your property.

We know our experience combined with our attention to details and service will leave you feeling confident that your property is protected. Our services are:

Our handover reports are created without prejudice and are developed to represent an unbiased and objective assessment of the property you’re seeking to buy. Along with handover inspections, we offer a complete range of house and property inspection and reporting services to cover any and all needs. We also offer combined services that offer our customers a way to save both time and money, while still gaining the assurance of a professional inspection. Book a building inspection anywhere in Greater Melbourne today!

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