Expert Dilapidation Reports

A dilapidation report, or “condition report” identifies existing structural defects in neighbouring properties before construction starts – preventing disputes from arising in future.

What is a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report covers the condition of a property and surrounding properties, and is carried out before any construction work is undertaken. 

We inspect real estate to report on existing damage and any aspects of the property that could be affected by construction, excavation or demolition work. Our building inspectors use advanced methods to identify any visible cracks or movement in and around the property, including driveways, paths and fences. A condition report may be necessary if your building is close to other properties, and if required by the authorities in your area. It provides peace-of-mind to you that a neighbour won’t wrongly claim for damages caused to their property.

Our condition reports are detailed but easy to read, with the ability to enlarge photos to make viewing easier. Our dilapidation reports include a 3D video of each property at NO additional cost.*

*Up to 2. If more than 2 properties are to be inspected and 3D videography is requested, there will be an additional cost.

What’s included?

A dilapidation report provides an independent record to use as evidence in case of any dispute from nearby property owners that claim the contractor’s work has damaged their property. 

Reports will include elements such as:

  • Notes, measurements, photographs & diagrams
  • Details about aspects of properties that could be affected by works
  • Evidence of defects, such as cracks, subsidence, excessive moisture and ceiling deformation
  • A description and sketch of the area being inspected

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Frequently asked questions

Why might I need a dilapidation inspection report?

The key use of a dilapidation report is to record the exact condition of a property and the surrounding areas before any construction, excavation or demolition work is started. They’re designed to protect yourself or your project against any damage that might result from works undertaken by third parties – or claims against you in cases where damage is mistakenly attributed to works you have commissioned.

When is the best time to get a dilapidation report done?

Dilapidation reports are used to ensure that there’s no mystery surrounding the completion of any construction, demolition or excavation work. The best time to get your dilapidation report done is before any relevant work commences, and again once that work has been completed. This will help you ensure that any damage done to a property is accounted for, or that any pre-existing damage is not mistakenly attributed to works undertaken on or around the relevant building.

What is covered in a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report will cover property conditions, structural considerations, any relevant defects and matters of that nature. The team at Site Inspections can walk through each aspect of the dilapidation reporting process, ensuring that you’re covered. 

If you have any specific concerns or enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Site Inspections. We can assist you in developing a complete understanding of the relevant reporting processes and means of ensuring that your home or project is covered.

Where do you provide dilapidation reporting services?

The Site Inspections team have developed a strong reputation within the Melbourne market as the building inspection services provider to look to. We’ve provided residential and commercial operations across Greater Melbourne with dilapidation reports and more.

We’ve also begun offering a variety of building inspection services further afield. Making our way to cities and regional hubs in Bendigo, Geelong, and Ballarat. Get in touch with us to find out more about where we can service your building inspection needs.