Pest Inspection Reports

Before committing to buy or invest in a property, make sure there are no unwanted guests with a professional termite and pest inspection in Melbourne.

What’s included in our building & pest reports?

A pest inspection is designed to provide you with the assurance that your Home or Commercial property is free of any suspect activity. Equipped with approximately $20,000 worth of termite detection equipment at every inspection – We have the capabilities on hand to uncover any and all issues relating to the presence of pests in your home.

The issues we uncover are set out in detail in a thorough property inspection report that will be provided to you approximately 24 hours following your inspection.

This report will include details of our visual inspection of the readily available areas of the property, including the interior, exterior, roof cavities, roof and subfloor areas.

This report will also include photographs of any evidence we find to show termite activity and/or damage.It will further include an outline of any areas that we were unable to reach and inspect for the presence of pests or pest related damage

Where necessary, we’ll provide a proposal on how to treat an infestation or manage the risk of future pest access.

What you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive inspection of your property, both internally and externally
  • A detailed report that has been carried out in accordance with Australian Standard Timber Pest Inspections AS 4349.3 2010
  • A risk assessment of your area
  • Images to help explain problem areas and concerns

Facts About Termites:

  • Termites can tunnel up to 200m under the ground in search of food (your house timbers). A nest could develop on a neighbouring property and the termites can make their way to yours.
  • Just because your house is on a slab, doesn’t mean you are safe from termite attack. In fact, this means that subfloor inspections are not possible and that any infestations could be missed.
  • The common termite species found in Melbourne are among the most damaging of all termite species.

Why Choose Site Inspections?

We know our experience combined with our attention to details and service will leave you feeling confident in your real estate transaction. Book a building inspection anywhere in Greater Melbourne

We offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial inspection services designed to ensure that your property, or prospective real estate purchase, is compliant and free of any existing or emerging problems. 

Our services represent an investment in your peace of mind – and an assurance that you don’t have greater issues to address down the track. Pest infestation, along with water damage and structural faults, can require a massive outlay of funds to address. 

But you can save precious time and money by getting out in front of issues like this, and the most effective way of doing just that is booking in an appointment with Site Inspections!

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