Comprehensive 137b Reports

Rest easy by placing your confidence in the hands of a company with more than 15 years of experience. At Site Inspections, we make complete peace-of-mind your ultimate value-add.

What is a 137b Report?

A 137b report, or Owner Builder Defects Report, usually forms part of your Section 32 documents. It is a report carried out by a suitably qualified person in order to assess the quality and compliance of any relevant renovation works. 

Protecting both owner and purchaser, the 137b Report ensures that the condition of the property is a known variable before a transaction of any type takes place.

Why might you need a 137b Report or Owner Builder Defects Report?

Under the Building Act, it’s an offense to sell a property you own without a Defects Report and Builders Warranty Insurance. As with many cases of non-compliance with the relevant standards, it’s important to recognise that heavy penalties may apply.

We understand that the preparation and acquisition of a 137b Report can be a daunting prospect for homeowners. Luckily, our friendly, passionate and experienced team has over 15 years of experience in managing and mitigating your every concern. 

What do our 137B Reports cover?

With over 15 years of expertise in our field and a first-rate team of inspectors, your compliance is in the safest of hands. We assess and report on every individual detail so you won’t risk losing your sale due to unexpected non-compliance. 

At Site Inspections, your satisfaction is our ultimate reward. We love providing expert, comprehensive and ethically sound advice that journeys you towards a workable solution, faster. Our reports cover:

  • Description of all relevant works
  • Covering carports, decks, garages, extensions, renovations, and more
  • Comprehensive reports linked to the relevant standards
  • Send direct to conveyancer option available
  • End-to-end reporting making your Builders Warranty Insurance-ready
  • Top-quality support and specialist advice


Why Choose Site Inspections?

With 15+ years of experience as qualified inspectors and building practitioners, our team prides itself on offering you the very best of inspection services and advice in Melbourne, and beyond.

With our comprehensive approach, warm and friendly service, high ethical standards and access to the latest technology and assessment methods, your safety, compliance and financial viability rests in the safest of hands. 

Here’s why we’re the best team for the job:

Why do customers turn to our trusted team, time and time again? We do much more than just 137b Reports. Partnering with us for life, our clients love our wide range of reporting and assessment services every corner of the building safety, risk and compliance landscape. The kicker? We love saving our clients time, money and energy that can be much better spent living life to the fullest. Leave the reporting to us.

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