Building and Pest Inspections

Need help with building and pest inspections? The team at Site Inspections has all your bases covered. We have extensive experience and maintain a key eye for detail, ensuring that all of our services are carried out to the highest standards. Look to us with confidence and trust that we can perform a thorough inspection of your site in a fast, efficient and professional way.

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Why you should get combined pest and building inspections

A comprehensive pest and building inspection will provide peace of mind when it comes to investing in property. By combining both services into one, you can save money and reduce disruption to your schedule.

At Site Inspections, we offer a fast and affordable service for real estate across Melbourne. We have years of experience in the industry and all of our staff are highly trained. Every client can count on a thorough inspection and a fast, informative report that’s independent of any third parties. Rest assured that you always get the best results when you choose to work with us.

What to expect from a pest inspection

We never take shortcuts when it comes to inspecting a property for pests. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive inspection of your property, both internally and externally using state of the art detection tools
  • A detailed report that has been carried out in accordance with Australian Standard Timber Pest Inspections AS 4349.3 2010
  • A risk assessment of your area
  • Images to help explain problem areas and concerns

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Want to find out more about our combined building and pest inspections? Get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always on hand to answer your call. We can also help with expert witness reports and thermal imaging inspections.

What to expect from a building inspection

We pride ourselves on doing a standout job every time. The building inspector will report on all accessible parts of the house, including:

  • Concrete driveways and paving
  • All internal walls, cornices and ceilings
  • Doors, architraves & skirtings
  • All floor coverings
  • Testing all taps and waste pipes
  • Kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • Appliances if installed
  • Wall & floor tiling
  • Inside the roof space
  • Steps, paths & driveways
  • Ventilation
  • And much more
  • The interior
  • All external brickwork, walls and cladding
  • Fascia, gutters, eaves and roof areas
  • Roof coverings
  • Window and door frames/glazing
  • Under the house if built on stumps
  • Garage, carport and garden shed
  • Painting and timber staining
  • Checking wet areas for possible leaks
  • Ground levels around house

Why Choose Site Inspections?

We know our experience combined with our attention to details and service will leave you feeling confident in your real estate transaction. Book a building inspection anywhere in Greater Melbourne

We offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial inspection services designed to ensure that your property, or prospective real estate purchase, is compliant and free of any existing or emerging problems. 

Our services represent an investment in your peace of mind – and an assurance that you don’t have greater issues to address down the track. Pest infestation, along with water damage and structural faults, can require a massive outlay of funds to address. 

But you can save precious time and money by getting out in front of issues like this, and the most effective way of doing just that is booking in an appointment with Site Inspections!

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